Steve Jobs: The Productive Narcissist

On Thursday we watched a video called “Inside Apple: How America’s most admired and secretive company really works”. In the video a journalist named Adam Lashinsky takes a magnifier to the inner workings of Apple as a business and specifically looks at Steve Jobs and his tendencies as a leader. I found this video extremely shocking. I have used Apple products since the release of the Iphone 4 and have continued to buy Apple’s products for their usability and simplicity.

I question HOW Apple has gotten their success. Apple has completely redefined the normal equation for a successful business and is running their organization in a entirely distinct way than most. Apple has aversion to general management- Steve Job’s disregards the way things are done in business schools. It seems as though this unconventional approach has made them one of the leading tech companies and the golden standard for new technology and tech support.

An aspect about how Apple is run that I found most startling is the upmost importance of secrecy that is kept within Apple. Again, this goes against the norms of what most businesses do. A word that could embody the way Apple runs things is disclosure. There are strictly upheld secrecy rules in terms of who knows what/who can speak on what. The company keeps secrets from its people and works are encouraged to focus on their own task and not what other workers are doing. Personally, I think this type of work environment sounds terrible and cold. It doesn’t seem conducive to learning, improving or innovation at all! It seems to me like backtracking miles AWAY from group thinking and ingenuity.

It seems as if Apple’s approach to business is more similar to a secret government agency, instead of a technology company. After watching this video and critically thinking about the way that Apple is run I have questions about buying another apple product. Will I buy another Apple product? Probably, yes because I don’t think I could return to a PC again. But will I be more hesitant to support a company with questionable buisness protocall ethics? Absolutely!

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