My room is somewhere that I’m in almost every day of my life. It’s actually the basement of the house, but turned into my room just recently. Most of the time, everything is the same: colder temperature from the rest of the house, various unfinished water bottles lying around the room, my guitars all sitting in their stands (sometimes one is in my hands), the lights strung all around my room remain dormant, and occasional dirty clothes lying around. The smell is neutral, a mix of metallic smell from the large amount of guitar strings, freshly washed clothes that are usually located on my couch, and the faint smell of my cat. The room is mostly silent, apart from the occasional video playing from my phone or TV. However, this all changes when I have someone over. My room comes to life as the hotspot of anything that happens between me and my friends. In another sense, it’s basically our HQ. An especially different day was my birthday. It was on my birthday that I really saw everything come to life. It was more or less a gathering of all of my favorite people in one day, with so much more happening than usual. The lights in the room were furiously lit up. The TV was in use and so were the game consoles. Everyone was having enjoying themselves and it seemed like a new family-like bond was formed. A certain closeness was felt in the room as everything went without even a step into negativity. As the day goes on, the smell of various candy, cake, and similar smells of the like fill the air. I feel a sudden strange down-to-earth feeling in this spot that I’ve never been in ever before in my life: with many people I feel very close to; people who reciprocate my feelings. I hear the sounds of video games from the TV, my favorite movie coming from various speakers around the room, and the voices of everyone in the room. I see the flashing lights of both the TV and the lights around my room. Everything is full of life and no longer dormant. As my birthday comes to a close, so does the gathering of everything that brought the life to the room. My room becomes dormant again, though in a different way. It’s silent and full of life and emotion.