An Ode to the Insignificant Moments

If we watch a TV show or a movie, we are often transported from one spell-binding moment to the next. Although, life isn’t always quite like that. We can spend hours or even days learning little new. Do we fill such time with anxieties or carry on in a peaceful trance?

We find such patterns in many aspects of life and nature. There is the eye of the storm where all is calm in-between the turmoil. We may plan a great trip and then be stuck in traffic in anticipation of our final destination.

I find such patterns within my work predicting things. I might think about some great algorithm which I might build. I study what else has been done, and what tools I might draw upon. I build something of plan. Then, I get going often with some vigor. However, the vigor may wear off, and little may show. Only after prolonged effort does something start to punch through. As if coming out of the ice, it pokes a little hole, and then a bigger one. Finally miraculously it can seem that something emerges.

The pattern of excitement, boredom, and triumph may repeat throughout many endeavors. Although, modern life can cause us to struggle at boredom. For anticipation may overtake us. Meditation can teach to find comfort and strength in the ‘quiet’ moments.

We may be tempted to fill in the blank moments. We can use the internet, check our phone, or fill our heads with endless things. Still, sometimes we be best served to be comfortable with not knowing. Sometimes, it is best to recognize the limits of our knowledge and intelligence. Let us understand all we can understand, and forgive ourselves for that to which we do not understand.