The Blockchain returns us to the primal roots of recorded history

Schools teach us to imagine history as a line of progression. First, there was cavemen, then farming, then writing, etc. We may hear about some forms of cycles, but such appear to be abstract. However, when we enter the virtual world, we must ask if we are re-creating the history of the ‘real’ world. If we look, we find history in the future.

Many historians tell us writing was invented to keep records for collecting taxes. When we study further, we find taxes and governments connected to the creation of monetary systems. Today, the blockchain’s first real use has been sending money. Bitcoin is even being called the new gold. A variety of alt-coins are proliferating, and Ethereum is allowing new currencies to be created at will. These are like the currencies of the empires past.

Projects like Aragon and Democracy Earth seek to create new systems of governance. These can be compared to early empires and city-states throughout history. They must seek to define the polity and determine governance procedures. We can awaken from the slumber of well-established states to begin anew in another realm. The abstractions of academic debate can come to the fore and be realized in a new form.

Still, not all is quite the same as the physical form. We replace the violent wars with a new form of reality. Hackers replace the warriors of old. Perhaps, quantum computers may be the ultimate weapon. While we are promised fortresses, hacker-pirates have had great success in running off with much of the loot. Many exchanges and smart contracts are hacked. Keys are stolen from people.

Although, messianic zeal for the mathematically secure instruments. Shall we ever be able to make truly secure smart contracts? The bitcoin core protocol seems to resist the test of time. Further, protocol upgrades are possible with a consensus. We cut to the essence of religion. If enough people believe in a set of rules or the value of a currency, it take on value. We can marvel at a newfound unveiling of long hidden religious truth. It is a religious belief that imbues Bitcoin with its value.

Still, we look for a rational enlightenment. The blockchain can be connected to robots, oracles, and other instruments to satisfy its will. This may be more direct, but perhaps the code of these angels and deities will be their inherent belief in their code. Shall they have stronger faith than anyone of us?

The great unraveling and re-creation is upon us. The spiritual and scientific merge in another dimension. It seems so new agey and spiritual in language, but the underlying reality is simply one of science and mathematics. We twist hard enough and return to the same underlying truth.

Beyond the superficial, we may wonder about consequences in the old reality. Perhaps, we may experiment in the new reality, and bring back the greatest innovations into the old reality. The new reality may unstick the stuck and decrepit processes of the old, and revitalize them.

Further, we may expect the same things to evolve upon this foundation. Our writing system was built upon the foundations that were needed for government accounting. We might expect this new system to produce a vast literature and cultural memory. The full measure of this may be beyond our current comprehension. Let us look to both the future and past at once and in harmony.

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