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Frequently asked questions from clinicians

Cronic Care


Does Cronic Care have a support staff?

Our multidisciplinary care delivery team includes physicians, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners from a hospital, specialty, or family practice setting. Cronic Care clinicians are licensed in the states where they practice with licensure supervision provided by our medical directors. Cronic Care follows clinical protocols that are guideline based to ensure appropriate clinical care, such as titrating medications, ordering labs or personalizing lifestyle and behavioral modifications, is provided.

Is my patient’s data safe?

Cronic Care has a dedicated Information Security program that is based on industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and federal and state laws. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and we monitor all of our infrastructure and user activity to ensure data remains safe and secure.

Does my office need to learn new software?

Through two-way EMR integration, our partners’ clinicians have access to their patients’ RPM data from the familiarity of their own EMR.

Will my patients have someone to call?

Cronic Care offers in-depth technical and clinical support for patients. Our team triages alerts and requests from your patients, escalating to your practice only as needed, minimizing inbox fatigue.



Cronic Care

We are a healthcare technology company supporting clinicians in delivering exceptional care to chronic patients at home across California.