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Frequently asked questions from patients

Cronic Care


How much does Cronic Care cost?

Remote patient monitoring is a covered benefit under Medicare and Medicare Advantage and many patients see little to no cost for the Cronic Care program. Monthly costs vary based on whether a patient has met their deductible, how patients use the program, and their types of insurance coverage. The services Cronic Care provides are delivered under the supervision of your provider, and your doctor bills your insurance directly for remote patient monitoring services. If you are considering enrolling in Cronic Care and have questions about how much it could cost, it is recommended to call your insurance company directly and share the billing codes for an estimate (provided below):‍

• Device Setup: 99453
• Data Collection: 99454
• First 20 minutes of provider time: 99457
• Each additional 20 minutes of provider time: 99458‍

If you are enrolled in Cronic Care and have questions about your bill: please share a photo or scanned PDF of your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company with Cronic Care at

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is as easy as talking with your doctor. You may already be eligible for Cronic Care if you have a chronic condition. At your next appointment, ask your doctor if Cronic Care is right for you, and connect with one of our enrollers to get started.

How do I communicate with Cronic Care? How frequently?

Cronic Care will schedule regular telephone visits with you, but how much we communicate with you depends on your needs. If you’re not feeling well, you can always reach out to the Cronic Care team with any questions, and if we see that one of your vitals is out of the ordinary, we will reach out to make sure that everything is ok.

Do I still talk to my primary care physician?

Yes. Cronic Care is an extension of your primary care team. You will still see your primary care physician as you normally would, and all of your Cronic Care vital information will be available to your primary care physician each time you visit with them.

How do I take my vitals and how often?

Cronic Care will provide you with devices that communicate directly with the Cronic Care team. Our devices work like any others that you might already be familiar with. You should take your vitals each morning before eating, drinking, or taking any medications.

Does insurance pay for Cronic Care?

Remote patient monitoring is a covered benefit under Medicare. Patients may have a monthly copayment or coinsurance depending on their insurance plan. Our Care Team can help you better understand the potential cost for you when you meet with them.



Cronic Care

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