Amazon DynamoDB is built to deliver single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It is built to store Terabytes of data. It is built to support Amazon’s Cyber Monday traffic.

However, this scalability comes with an overhead. No matter what resource you look up, you will be constantly reminded that “You Must Know Your Access Patterns In Advance”. Amazon Marketplace had been running for years before they migrated to DynamoDB so they were well equipped to know how they needed to access their data and fully reap the rewards of a NoSQL setup.

In contrast, a new startup with an exciting…

Some napkin maths: If a 3 dev team ran their tests 5 times per ticket for 2 tickets a day, then every CI minute costs 130 dev hours per year

Recently I was working on a Serverless project which ran Integration tests on its microservices in its CI pipeline.

In particular we ran BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) tests which for those unfamiliar might look like this.

Scenario: I update the job of a user Given a set of users | name | job | | Rob | Developer | | Simba | Outcast | | Woody | Friend | When…

Rob Cronin

Architect Developer at Theodo UK. Fan of Serverless, Testing and Random Sports

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