2022’s Most Important NFTs: Cronopoly’s Exclusive Boarding Passes

Cronopoly’s highly limited Boarding Pass NFT
  1. Access to purchase a highly limited Yield/APR Boosting NFT
  2. Access to whitelisted premium projects before they are accessible to every investor
  • Completely new UI, in line with the top professional platforms
  • Improved app stability and performance by moving to custom-built data infrastructure and API
  • Exclusive Boarding Passes (NFTs)
  • High performance DeFi platform
  • Unique liquidity stabilizer
  • Yield/ APR Boosting NFTs
  • Staking & farming
  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Cross-Chain feature 1: invest in coins w/o bridging as an investor
  • Cross-Chain feature 2: stake/ farming w/o bridging as an investor
  • Integration and development of synthetic assets
  • Decentralised and anonymous. No middle man or difficult registration procedures. Funds are stored safely in your wallet, not on the exchange.
  • Works on any device
  • Professional UI for professional investors
  • Easy to use
  • Fair launch
  • Insanely low fees. 0,25% trading fees
  • No taxes on CRP usage (Cronopoly’s token)
  • Unlimited withdrawal limits for crypto
  • Trade any pair
  • Easy and flexible search for a given pair, out of hundreds of thousands of possibilities.
  • Issue a token and see it on DEX straight away
  • Every project can start with CRONOPOLY
  • VIP area with whitelisted & audited (KYC, Security Collateral Deposit) premium projects
  • Multiple fiat and crypto gateways (BTC, BCH, ETH, CRO, USDC, and many more …)

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