nøcomputer joins the Cronos Interactive family and will work on building interactive installations/experiences for the screens of the future.

Ghent/Belgium, September 12, 2018: Cronos Interactive expands its activity and opens its gates to Ghent-based technology lab nøcomputer. The Award-winning studio now joins the ranks of the Belgian cluster specialized in interactive experiences, alongside companies such as Bazookas, Mantis Games, Rhinox and Not A Company

Cronos Interactive has been involved in a wide range of initiatives already, performing in video games, VR applications, serious gaming and customized digital solutions. With this new partnership, the company adds a string to its bow by offering original engaging content for art and brand promotion.

They say a picture says more than a thousands…

10 January, 2019

Not A Company is proud to welcome Hoverloop into 2019, with a new style, plenty of gameplay changes and an entirely new business model.

Kortrijk/Belgium, 10 January, 2019: Hoverloop has not been idle over the past couple of months. The team has been hard at work restyling the entire game to get a cohesive cyberpunk look & feel. Everything will be reworked; from the menus & HUD to the levels, item pick-ups and guns. They’ve also made plenty of gameplay changes after gathering player feedback from Early Access players and visiting gaming fairs. …

Not A Company joins the Cronos Interactive family and will work on bringing you a competitive and exhilarating multiplayer experience with Hoverloop.

Ghent/Belgium, September 12, 2018: Cronos Interactive today announced the acquisition of Not A Company, a two-man development team who have been working on Hoverloop since 2017. After a successful Kickstarter and an Early Access release on Steam, we have decided to team up to bring you the best possible multiplayer experience. We strive to bring a new player into the global eSports market but are equally happy to liven up living rooms everywhere with up to 4-player split-screen action.

About Not A Company: The company (ironically!) was founded in 2017 by Philippe Mesotten. After working as VFX Artist on titles…

Cronos Interactive

We are a Belgium-based game publisher that empowers talented game studios of all sizes with hands-on support and investment.

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