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4 min readMar 6, 2022


Introducing the Cronus Airdrop

Cronus has blessed us with airdrops down from the heavens, and we are very excited to share the message along to those who have been following our journey as well as for newcomers who will see this message.

If it’s your first time hearing about Cronus, our mission is simple, to become the go-to, premier DEX on Evmos! The Cronus Airdrop is to show our support towards users in the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as an appreciation for our partners who has worked with us closely, helping Cronus get more exposure in the community. Let’s begin!

Groups eligible for the Cronus Airdrop:

1) Evmos Community

As Cronus is being built on Evmos, the success of the protocol is ultimately dependent on the Evmos community & ecosystem. Thus, we will be airdropping 45k $CRN for any Evmos Stakers & LP Providers on Osmosis in a 60/40 ratio accordingly!

2) JUNO Stakers

We felt that the JUNO community is important to us, and should have been more to other protocols too. We are happy to share that we will be airdropping 15k $CRN to JUNO delegators as well! All validators will be eligible.

3) OSMO Stakers

We’ll be airdropping 25k $CRN to addresses that delegate (stake) OSMO to @Imperator_co, @Provalidator and @swiss_staking. These great teams have been supportive of Cronus and helped to bring exposure for Cronus so we want to show our support back to them!

4) ATOM Stakers

Lastly, we will be airdropping 15k $CRN to ATOM stakers as well. The Cosmos Hub has been an integral part of making all of this possible so for those who support the security of the network, we want to show some appreciation. All validators will be eligible.

5) Snapshot Details

2 snapshots will be taken randomly starting today, between March 6 to March 28! You will need to stake a minimum amount of 5 JUNO/OSMO/ATOM on the snapshot date in order to be eligible for the airdrop. We will ensure whales do not get a disproportionate amount of airdrop tokens!

P.S As of this article, the Evmos team is still working on resolving issues so we won’t be taking any snapshots yet for Evmos stakers / LP providers. We will update on this as well on our socials!

When will the $CRN token launch?

We would like to address that the Cronus team will always try to avoid setting specific dates. If you are familiar with development, especially on newer platforms and technologies, you know that deadlines can put significant pressure that turns into poor code quality, rushed testing procedures, and incomplete features. However, we will do our best to define estimated launch dates, and will update our progress with the community! (e.g Q1 2022, likely this week, few weeks from now)

P.S This is not to say that we will be slow in launching the token or shipping features, but we will let our actions do the talking for that.

When will I receive the airdrop?

The exact dates of receiving the airdrop will be announced separately. We have also omitted some small details to avoid people from gaming the airdrop too much. If you have more questions, please hop onto our Discord!

What’s next?

We will look to release Cronus tokenomics article this week as well as another partnership announcement. We are already running tests on Evmos testnet with the community to ensure a smooth user experience, and are also actively communicating with the Evmos team to resolve any issues! Once Evmos mainnet goes live, Cronus looks to follow shortly after and users will be able to swap and add liquidity on our platform.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve achieved the last 2 weeks:

-8.4K followers on Twitter
-5.4K members on Discord
-UI Reveal (Light/Dark Modes)
-3 partnership announcements
-Discord server icon animation
-Discord banner + animation(soon)
-3 validator partners
-Cronus Ambassador Program
-Testnet Live & Ongoing Testing

We look forward to building together with the community to finish Q1 2022 with a blast! Please stay tuned for our upcoming announcements on Twitter & on Discord. See you all in the next update. -Cronus Finance



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