Killer Conversationalist: 5 Tips for Terrific Talks

Talking on the phone can be anxiety-inducing. People get nervous they will say the wrong thing or not be able to interpret the tone of the person on the other line. Thankfully, phone anxiety can be lessened with a few practice exercises and the right tips.

1. Schedule a practice call.

Set up a call with someone you are already comfortable with. For example, schedule a call for 8:00 PM on a Tuesday with your best friend. You will know when to expect the call, so it won’t surprise you. You will also be comfortable with your best friend, so you won’t have to worry about being judged. You could even pick a topic for the phone call beforehand.

2. Teach yourself to talk about something.

Next time you are in line for lunch, try to talking to the person next to you. Make it about something that you actually want help learning in your life. The biggest challenge is knowing what to say. Something like “Do you happen to know where I can get my nails done around here?” or “I know I am going to need a new battery for my car soon. Any ideas on where I could go?” Then, if they seem uninterested, let it go and try with someone else later. It will also help to have these conversations in person because you can recognize their body language.

3. Think of something you can say every time you answer your phone.

Instead of beginning a phone call with a nervous “hello,” plan something confident and professional. If you have a family phone, you could say something like “Hello, this is the [your family’s name] residence.” If you are on your work or personal phone, you can say something as simple as “Hello, this is [name].” Starting the conversation with a confident opening line will set you up to have a comfortable call.

4. Order more pizza. Yes, I’m serious.

Maybe it’s just because I love pizza a little too much, but one thing that helped me get over my phone anxiety was being really, really hungry. When my options were either (another) peanut butter sandwich or having to face my phone fear and call a pizza place, I would give in to the latter every time. The thing is, the more I called places — not only restaurants, but also doctor’s offices, stores, customer service lines, etc. — the less nervous I got before making any phone call.

5. Use the Cronvo app to talk about things you care about.

Because Cronvo ™ connects users through completely anonymous phone calls, you won’t have to worry about someone judging you. If you get nervous and mess up, just start a different Cronvo ™ after the mandatory first 60 seconds are over. You will be able to talk to other people who value meaningful conversation, and you will be the one in control. It’s a win-win.