This is how you write killer titles

30% off…

Super cheap deal…

Book it now and get a free soda

Discounts, sales,

empty texts,

and neon pop-ups.

You know them: the same sales texts and titles that you see every day. And you know all too well how to avoid them. It’s so easy to press delete or press the cross in the right corner of the screen — and then they are gone, and you don’t have to worry about it again.

But what if you are on the other side of the table. Let put you in the unusual situation that you are the one who has to write these sales text or a title for your social content or a new blog post. Your boss has given you the assignment, days ago but until now all you have done is to put it in a drawer and hope it would disappear on its own. Because how do you write a title that people find interesting and have them read on?
The hardest thing is getting started so instead of doing that, you run to the coffee-machine and give yourself an extra dose of the brown, power liquid; hoping that might help.

But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Using a simple template you can make your title more interesting and relevant to the reader. Even funny. That is if you put the right words into it. 
These titles have been tested in many different environments and make for successful titles in both e-mails, Facebook posts, website titles, and printed sales texts. They work because they require attention from the reader by either making a statement, asking a question, or peaking your interest in some other way. And that is what we want: the reader to be active and to continue reading.

So grab your pen and paper and get ready to write down:

This is how you avoid…

(Inset what you help your reader avoid fx. “This is how you avoid getting a speeding ticket)

This is how you get…

(Inset what you can help your reader getting fx. “This is how you get a rise” or “this is how you get a new look”) Note that this template is also used to create the title of this blog post.

Top 5 tips on…

(Inset something you can help your reader gain fx. “top 5 tips on how to get a healthier lifestyle”)

That is it. Simple but effective! Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments below.