Why We Are Never Truly Satisfied
Zat Rana

Very nice piece, making me, along with many others, think. Living in the moment is certainly something we all need to do when seeking fulfillment. Planning for the betterment of those we have responsibility for is also an essential. Wittgenstein had the comfort of choice; perhaps many of us have become complacent about how few of us still feel the sense of choice as day to day worries take over from being in the moment to savour what we have (rather than worry about the gaps and discrepancies in life).

Do not know whether personal experience bears this out and whether being pushed away from comfort to challenge the slide to complacency is enough and can be communicated to others. Are we in this new age of social media offering panaceas if only…….? Certainly different social spheres offering insight to challenge thinking. And actions.

Thank you. Keep pushing those ideas and themes — enjoyable and thought provoking.