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Crop Tops & Kale
Jan 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Hi, hello, happy Friday!

After a long hiatus we’ve decided to revisit this little series to bring you a roundup of good stuff (or at least interesting stuff) we stumble across each week. Basically it’s an excuse for me to spend my Friday afternoon procrastinating on the internet.

That said, the world wide web has indeed delivered some interesting reads this week. Perhaps given the fact that tomorrow is end of the world-er, Inauguration Day.

Shall we?

Women have long wielded their collective power by marching, transforming history in the process. Before the women’s march on Washington tomorrow: a look back, via Man Repeller.

A delightful everyday checklist by Mari Andrew for Cup of Jo.

I’ve never really understood the Kardashian phenomenon, especially when I hear about things like Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. The notion that our bodies should be used for vengeance, or that our ability to go on an extreme diet and lose some weight is linked to our self worth, makes me feel a little crazy. Kelsey Miller makes the case on Refinery29 for all the reasons not to watch it.

9 podcasts for 9 moods, from Clementine Daily. I’d also recommend The Making of Oprah, and Startup and 10% Happier with Dan Harris (also a great book, btw) are both part of my regular rotation.

A simple green smoothie, loaded with nutrients, from our pal Julia over at Lemon Stripes.

And in case you could use a little mindfulness these days (we probably all can, eh?), 10 helpful tips for cultivating a year of mindfulness on Zen Habits. Mindfulness applies to eating, too (see #3). Pssst, The Simple Cleanse can help with that.

Have a great weekend, friend!

Featured image via Man Repeller

Originally published at Crop Tops & Kale.

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