Amendment Amendment on the wall…

who’s the fairest of them all?

That’s what it’s getting to be like here in the “carny” heartland… what do they call it on the other side? The land down under? One of those State Fair booth games of both skill and chance, where you can win the kewpie doll of your choice…

“Oyea, Oyea, for only two bucks throw as much shit against the wall as you like, and see what sticks…”

Let’s see now–as far as Amendments go–the Fourteenth: that one’s always been kinda, how shall we say, tenuous at best, right from the start.

The First continues to be slightly dubious and constantly under fire. It seems our definition of Free Speech, Free Assembly, just which Religions we’re Free to Practice and what degree of “Fake Press” we can adhere to is still “up for grabs.”

Of course, there isn’t much question in regards to Olde Reliable Second Amendment… as long as powerful NRA and gun manufacturers are supporting its wiiiiiide berth!

If Vladimir Putin has his way, the Third will be entirely circumvented and we’ll have Soldiers drawing and quartering our homes… with or without our consent.

George W, with 9/11 as an excuse, pretty much took out the Fourth Amendment by siege. If you wish to test its flexibility, simply stroll in & out of a Mosque some time. Or, for that matter, look cock-eyed at a Narc and you’ll be bent over quick with a speculum and flashlight up your rectum. As far as Miranda is concerned… who the hell is that bitch, anyway???

The Fifth was mostly assured on Guantanamo Bay, where “Due Process” is calculated by a Process of how much Dew is around on that particular day!

I’m only reminding folks… not enlightening anyone about anything. After all, what do I know, anyhow?

Sixth Amendment speedy trials were way confirmed in the South, where a black dude who looked too long at a white “bitch” got immediate justice as soon as an adequately tall tree could be found. Strange Fruit!

Seventh I can’t figure out. I think they’re still working on it.

Eighth Amendment issues of “cruel & unusual” must be referred back to the Fifth and Abu Ghraib. No biggie.

Ninth & Tenth Amendments are seemingly regarding states’ involvement in propelling your dissatisfaction. But, in essence, that mostly covers what is known as your “Bill of Flights”, or something like that, most assuredly, worth fighting and dying for anytime and anywhere.