This one was truly remarkable, Steven. Keep honing that razor-sharp wit of yours.
craig rory lombardi, "the Bronx Boomer"

America… a moronic metamorphosis…

I have never read a tweet… by anyone! I know I’m a dinosaur, out of sync with today’s modern method of communication… NOT! I myself may as well say, “anyone who cannot play a musical instrument; any person unable to paint in oils is a talentless, pedestrian plebe!” Well, I choose to not make such ridiculous statements. I would also appreciate not being thought of as out of synch. One only has so much time and attention. I certainly don’t have enough of it to wade through the oceans of data, filtering out zillions upon zillions of bits to get to a (most rare) pith and marrow of public opinion.

I fully realize that a more-than-significant percentage of my fellow countrymen/women are lazy, poorly educated, semi-literate, virtually mono-syllabic, shallow, shadowy facsimiles of intelligent sentient beings! This is evidenced by their having placed in our highest office a person who, rather than part of the best and brightest, is more of an ilk included as part of the dumbest and most ignorant, to use his own style of extremes of expression.

Has anyone ever noticed, Donald Trump cannot speak in (to employ spectrum of color as an analogy) subtleties of gray. He can only address in the simplistic, unsophisticated language of black & white. I’m still not sure whether this is a technique to reach idiots of little vocabulary knowledge or, the actuality of the man-himself-as-moron. Listen to him orate. It’s never “more,” only “the most,” never “poor,” only “the worst,” not “good,” but “the best,” and so on. Is this a way to communicate with brains so numb, so immune to nuance that only absolutism gets through the thickness and intensity of skull material? Or are these the limitations of the man’s own confined intellectual exposure and experience?

One wonders… truly marvels at the rampant lack of civic awareness and basic communication skills of our populace and general electorate. It seems to me that this short falling in the foundational understanding of our republic and its Constitution (beyond the obvious 2nd Amendment), is more pressing even than who we will next elect for office, i.e. which Gorilla will run a community primarily consisting of Apes!