Love Letter to…

Anthony LaPasta… I mean, LaPaglia

A handsome devil… no?

Although, the name differentiation is becoming moot, in view of (Sir) Anthony’s rotund profile as of late. Come on, buddy, we can’t spare too many terrific actors nowadays. Your poor old heart can put up with pumping blood to only so much cubic yardage, you know. And then… Bronx Cheer, yer daid! So lay off the friggin parmigiana, will ya? I mean, I realize you’re an American. Over-eating carbed-out shit, obesity, diabetes and too-fuckin-lazy-to-exercise have become the national heritage, fast invading our DNA-genome molecules. After which, humans may be returning to the life-span, longevity of a century ago… 55–60 maybe.


I’ve been 165 lbs since high school. Not sure how I did it. May have had something to do with maintaining a positive self-image; portion control of a healthy diet; possibly a work-out ethic. The same things many of us did “back in the day!” but abandoned when we turned 37. Wonder why that is? Marriage, kiddies, steady employment. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t enjoyed any of those American Dreams myself! Well, except I do have kids… in the most unconventional, strictly biological sense. Jes’ Kiddin’.


As with our bodies, our minds are similarly falling prey to self-destructive behavioral inconsistencies. Inconsistent, that is, to sustaining long-lasting life as we once knew it. I read an article by a brilliant writer and college instructor at a big school (I forget which). She professes there is no such thing as laziness! That’s kind of a profound idea. But she (no names, please) adheres to there being obstacles to completing dissertations, finishing assignments and, reaching resolution in the various projects and endeavors of, for instance, obtaining an education. I just call it avoidance.

Still, I gave the lady’s theory a lot of thought. We even corresponded. I resolved with my own concept of what I deem avoidance progression. Which means, specifically, those obstacles turn into events: turn into reasons: turn into excuses; turn into patterns; turn into habits; turn into addictions. Simply put, laziness is a friggin addiction. No more. No less. It can be overcome, like any other. Also, like defeating any addiction, it requires the inherent work to do so. That may become laborious. Labor intensive. In fact, one must treat it as a “Labor of Love”… of self-love, and no other.

You big brute!

So, Mr. LaPasta, in an attempt to dissuade you from gulping down that oncoming slice of Ray’s (New York) pizza, and further implore you to circumvent your next myocardial infarction, so’s I can continue to enjoy your work… oh, well. I know I’m just a self-serving sonofabitch!

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