To All the Men Who Are Exactly Like That
Leslie Tran

Well, all men are not like that! Seriously. Leslie… you sure do have the situation well in hand. And you have my sympathies, too. I know it’s a jungle out there, take it from yet another silver back. I like the way you lay it out, though. Step by step… just the way it is. I’m not being facetious.

I have spent my life recognizing what you’ve had to absorb. I’ve done my best to not be that gorilla. I can’t even have friends that catcall on street corners or hit on waitresses and girls in the office trying to do their work efficiently. Those jerks don’t even like women… not really. They’re so full of fear and insecurity, male rivalry and intramural competitive circle-jerks, I cross the street when I see one coming. For fear that some unwitting female might mistake me for being associated with a geek. Ya know, “one of us, one of us!” You hadda be there.

Anyhoo, I am in total support of your deal in the matter. Good luck, Leslie. I’ll bet a smart lady like yourself will not be duped by any members of the (mentally) weaker sex!