Whether you’re an amateur or a professional archer, buying the best crossbow bolts is important for perfecting your balance and accuracy. While you may refer to your bolts as arrows (and either term is correct), strictly speaking bolts only refer to the projectiles used in your crossbow. Bolts can’t be used with regular recurve bows. […]

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Youth crossbows are an excellent and efficient way to introduce children to the fun and exciting world of archery or hunting. Regular, adult-sized crossbows are too heavy and require an exceptional amount of weight to be able to cock the weapon. A youth crossbow is often lightweight and smaller in size, making them easier to hold all around. Youth crossbows are also great for teaching children how to cock their own bow as they have lower draw rates and often come with a cocking aid that cuts down the draw weight by 50 percent. …

A crossbow target serves two different purposes. The main purpose of a crossbow target lies in its ability to help a hunter safely discharge his or her bolt from their crossbow after a hunt in order to not damage the bolt or anything around it. The secondary purpose of a crossbow target is simply to serve as a small target that a hunter can use in order to fine-tune their accuracy. Crossbow targets are often very lightweight and come with handles that allow them to be easily carried from the house to the hunting grounds. They are also able to…

Crossbows are great for hunters who like to make the most out of their shots. Perfect for close range hits, using a crossbow means that hunters will be able to get a quicker second shot faster than bowman, and with a much quieter fire than using a gun, helping to not scare away any deer. Their incredible accuracy rates are great for hunters who don’t like to leave anything up to chance; when using a crossbow, you are eliminating a lot of noise and accuracy factors that other weapons might leave you struggling with. With their sights and lightweight nature…

A crossbow broadhead takes whatever bolt you already have, no matter if it is made of carbon or aluminum, and turns it into a powerful piece of work. Broadheads are designed to pierce the skin, bone, tissues and organ more easily than a standard bolt might. This provides clean shots, no matter where they are placed, and broadheads for crossbows oftentimes pass through every time. Designed to cut a large hole into the animal, crossbow broadheads often allow for a huge blood trail to be easily followed. Some of them even cut such a large hole that the animal you…

Best of Crossbows

Crossbows are a way to enjoy hunting without having to use a loud gun that might scare off far more than your target. These types of weapons are virtually silent and depend not on gunpowder but on the weight of your draw to fire off at speeds sometimes as high as 370 feet per second. This means that the weight of your draw will often be somewhere between 80 and 200 pounds. If this is too heavy, crossbows usually come with some sort of cocking aid that helps reduce the weight to provide a more powerful shot. …

The Chace Wind Recurve Crossbow was one I initially overlooked, until some positive news floated my way about this lightweight and sturdy crossbow. As I’m always eager to get my hands on new recurve crossbows to try out, as soon as I received it, I took it straight for a test drive.

Key Features

150lbs Draw Weight

With 150lbs of draw weight, this is a recurve crossbow that can be cocked without the need for a separate cocking device. While recurve crossbows are always more difficult to draw than their compound counterparts, the Chace Wind is accessible to practically everyone.

245fps Speed

That draw weight enables your…

Crossbow hunting isn’t something new. In fact, the crossbow was perfected all the way back in medieval times and remains more or less the same as it was to this day, bar some modern improvements. While many hunters still prefer shooting a rifle, there are many more who would never use anything else but this historic hunting tool. And with fictional characters like Legolas and Katniss Everdeen dominating mainstream media, archery has never been more popular, leading to more and more people becoming interested in learning everything there is to know about the modern crossbow. Just like it’s more traditional…

Barnett’s Recruit Recurve crossbow is a lightweight and compact addition to this company’s lineup of crossbows. As a long-time fan of Barnett’s products, I was pretty eager to give this Recruit Recurve crossbow a shot to see how it would work for me.

Key Features Of Barnett Recruit Recurve

150lbs Draw Weight

With a draw weight of 150lbs, the Recruit Recurve presents the usual challenge that you would expect from a recurve crossbow but is still accessible without the need for a cocking device.

245fps Speed

Your bolts will fire at an impressive 245 feet per second, perfect for taking down small to medium-sized game in one clean shot.

4.9lbs Crossbow Weight

At just…

Crossbow hunting has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and while every archer and hunter, both amateur and professional alike, knows the importance of a good crossbow, a powerful crossbow scope is of almost equal importance. They’re a must-have item for helping to visualize and make your shot. They lead to an accuracy that is simply unparalleled without one. That being said, crossbow scopes can run high in terms of cost, so investing in the best crossbow scope is crucial. We’re here to help with that. …


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