So on a bitter cold February evening I had the privilege of attending one of Femme Fever’s FABULOUS events which take place in New York out on Long Island. Once a month Femme Fever throws a party strictly for us gals and they are filled with fun, friends, food, and dancing. Gals come from all over the tri-state area to socialize and meet others. This party is one of the BEST around to attend if you are a first timer, still in the closet, or looking to gain some confidence going out in public as a crossdresser.

Femask Breast Plate $620.00

  • This is made for crossdresser who would like to feel total enclosure!
  • The femask breast plate are very soft, strong and elastic, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing. Femme Fever is responsible for grooming girls from the tri-state area for years ( myself included). For many, the Femme Fever parties are a first step for gals and the Femme Fever crew makes it easy. They provide makeovers, a place to change, discounted hotel rooms, not to mention a great and welcoming atmosphere. If you would like more information on the events thrown by Femme Fever check out the website RIGHT HERE. Since it was a Valentines Day Party Love was in the air, and so was the color RED Here are some of the pics from the party.

Femme Fevers NEXT Party takes place Thursday March 10'th and I will be the GUEST DJ for the evening ! More Information Below I hope to see some of you there xoxo

Coming Up Soon The Femme Fever Gala Ball Get You Tickets Soon !

For more information on the Gala Ball CLICK HERE