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I used to be an inmate at the Harrison Penitentiary. However, a nearby medical research

facility needed a few human test subjects for some dangerous experiments. If i said yes, they’d reduce my prison time. If not, I’d be in here for life. I had no choice.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up on some white surgery table. I pulled out the wires and
 monitors attached to my body. I realize I’m in a glass operating room. I start banging on the door, pleading for anyone to let me out.

Eventually, an Asian nurse comes by.

She enters the room and instructs me to calm down. When she tries to bring me back to my seat, she touches my skin, and then I feel a sudden shock shooting through my body.

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I feel like I’m drifting, airless, like a ghost and I flow right into her body. When I come to, I
 realize I’m now inside her body. I don’t know what happened to her or where she went, but I know that I am her in every possible way. I even gain her memories too.

I use her body to get out of the facility and to her house. I thought that’d be the end of it,
 but no, I end up meeting her boyfriend. Her emotions start to mix with mine. I still feel like a man, a criminal on the inside, but on the outside, I’m a girl. She thinks he’s hot. I’m starting to get wet just thinking about him too. This isn’t good.

l just hope I can control my new, feminine feelings. I don’t want to do something I’d later

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