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Zack his father and sister had passed away after a car crash only a few months ago.
 Therefore, Zack decided to spend the holiday season with his mother. Really
 wanting to cheer up his mother he agreed with her request if he would like to join
 the Christmas dinner dressed in his sister’s clothes. Having a beauty salon his
 mother helped Zack with extensions, a manicure, his make-up and waxing of his
 body hair.

While putting on the dress his mother had picked for him Zack noticed how well it
 fitted around his body. He knew that he was only one inch bigger as his sister,
 however that their clothing sizes were matching so much he did not know. When
 putting on the matching high heels it even turned out that, they had the same shoe

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During the Christmas dinner, his mother really enjoyed the company of Zoey. She
 enjoyed it that much that she requested Zack to dress himself as Zoey until New
 Year’s Day. Not having other plans Zack agreed with it. During New Year’s Eve, his
 mother handed him a glass of champagne and when he drank it a 12 o’clock his
 body paralyzed. He dropped backwards on the couch while his face softened and
 smoothed, leaving him with an extremely effeminate face. His lips puffed up slightly
 too as his nose shrank, eyelashes grew and eyebrows thinned. Then the dress he
 had been wearing stretched outwards as fat built up under his nipples. More and
 more built up until he was left with a pair of beautiful C cup breasts that fit
 perfectly the dress.

Then he could feel his abdomen harden giving him a sexy core. What little arm
 muscle he had then whittled away so that he had very feminine arms and hands.
 The transformation moved down his body. His butt and hips grew out to give him a
 very sexy hourglass figure. His legs turned into long slender female legs. His
 manhood shrank more and more until it was absorbed into his body and Zack had
 become a completely a woman.

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