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Jessica was relaxing out on the lawn on her day off. Nice warm weather, good sun. It
 was the perfect time for a little tanning. Little did she know that James, a bodyhopper, was
 watching her.

She laid out on her blanket on the grass, body facing up towards the sun. It was such
 a nice day out that she started falling asleep. That was the perfect time for James.

James approached her quietly until he was standing right next to her. She didn’t even
 notice him. James then concentrated really hard and fell backwards onto her. Instantly, his
 body sunk into hers. She woke up, but it was too late. Her body got really tense, her eyes
 went wide, and she took in a big breath — like she was being splashed with ice, cold water.

Then, a few seconds later, her body slumped back onto the blanket and she shook her
 head a little bit.

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She pinched her forehead with her fingers.

Oooph, man! Had a little headache there. Hate when that happens.” She said.

She looked down at herself and took off her bikini top.

“Oh, baby! Am I hot or what! God, I love being a bodyhopper.” She said. Or rather, it
 was James who was now in control.

He felt the weight of her breasts in his hands. They were large and beautiful. He
 loved how soft they were. Her nipples were also very sensitive too.

James then rolled over and picked up her water. As he drank it, some of the water got
 all over his chin and arms. Not that he minded. Pretty soon, he was going to head out to the
 mall to see what fun he could have in his new, sexy body. Maybe even meet a guy who
 knows how to treat a girl right.

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