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None of us are experts especially at crossdressing, in fact we all learn and make mistakes every day right? Here are some mistakes we all need to remember to try to avoid



As stated in an earlier post, do NOT skimp on your wig. The party store is where you buy themed paper plates not your wig. Invest in a good quality wig either online or even better, in person. Make sure it fits your face shape, and looks natural on you.



Go easy on the eyeshadow & liner. some crossdressers put waaaayy to much eyeshadow on. Eyeshadow ONLY goes on your lid and should not be caked on above or in the upper inner corners of your eyes. Same goes for the eyeliner..some gals go a bit too crazy with this stuff and feel they must black out their entire eye..keep it natural looking. And last, Mascara avoid the clumps! Check out all the eye makeup tips Here



This is another area that you should not skimp on. Get yourself some quality foundation & beard cover. It is after all the “foundation” that the rest of your makeup will be going on. Avoid caking it on, blend it correctly into your skin and neck as well..dont forget the sides too ! Take photos of your makeup when finished and use them as a reference to see how well you are covering up your beard. There are many techniques and products for this, you can find a bunch of them right here . Dermablend, Ben Nye, Mac Full Coverage Foundation, Kroylan TV Paint Sticks,..and remember the phrase ” Cover Girl Does Not Cover Boy”

FEMINI GIRDLE CP1 46%OFF — Clearance !

The girdle adds 1.25-inches to each hip, .75-inches to the side of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the back of each butt cheek, .5-inches to the outside of each thigh and .25-inches to the inside of each thigh. The girdle tapers to a thin .125-inches in the crotch and at the openings.

One of these days we will all get it right. xoxo

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