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You can try to hide behind the currants but that will no change the result of my spell. I warned you before that I would punish if you would wear my clothing again. As you currently noticing I didn’t lie to you.” said the Fred’s girlfriend that turned out to be witch. “You are becoming a woman and you are not able to move yourself on this moment.”

“Do you feel that you are losing weight and that you are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Besides that, can you also feel your chest expanding? You are growing boobs and how they are filling the bra that you are wearing. Besides that, your lips are also getting fuller and shinier and your hair is extending and gaining blond highlights in it. After that your fingers will get slimmer and your nails will be perfectly manicured”

“So, your upper body is transformed now. So now, it is time to expand your hips and your ass. As your legs are getting slimmer, you can also feel how your manhood is getting smaller until a vagina replaces it. As you are already wearing female clothes I am not thinking about changing these especially because they are now fitting your changed
 body perfectly”

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“And now you think how can this be a punishment? You are having a hot feminine body now and nobody can see that you where a man before. Correct and that is why I invited my cousins Nick and Simon. As soon as your body sees them it will take over control and it will want to make love with them. They have a perfect condition so that will be a whole night of loving making for you. You will learn a lot of new position and you will experience every detail of it still thinking as a male”

Once they finish your female mind will kick in and you will become Fiona. Then I will introduce you to William and you will fall in love with him. As you know, William has a nymphomaniac mind set. Every time that he wants to make love with your body will answer his call of lust and you will experience every detail of it still thinking as a male”

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