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An orchestra of engines and blaring horns played a chaotic symphony on the busy road and even with a blindfold padlocked into place, Paul felt well and truly like he was in a front-row seat. Through glossy purple painted lips he lamented the day he ‘d told his girlfriend Rita that he wanted to spice up their sex life, and slowly he lifted one high-heeled leather boot off the curb and stepped out into the street.

Add a little danger…that’s how he ‘d worded it. I want to add a little danger to our intimacy. Foolish words… Of course, Paul had meant danger that came packaged with a pair of furry pink handcuffs but little did he realise Rita had much bigger ideas. When Paul had refused to break into an abandoned building Rita had drugged him and taken him anyway. Unsuprisingly, the mind blowing sex that followed was enough to quell his anger. The feminising started soon after, Rita taking him to a baseball game dressed as a cheerleader and keeping him content with regular reaches under his flouncy sla’rt. lt wasn ‘t quite Paul’s thing but the upshift in their sex-life kept him around. Still, at the back of his mind he feared the day when Rita would take it too far…today for example….

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 Paul took another tiny step into the street, both his own terror and the ridiculous elevation of his heels preventing him from anything more. It was a cold day and the tiny minisla’rt that was wrapped tightly around his ass was hardly ideal but the thick pantyhose and fur jacket kept him warm crossdressing whilst completing his female look. Suddenly, a barbaric drilling sensation filled his ass. He moaned aloud as he felt like someone had just turned a blender on in loins. Pushing his nylon covered knees together, Paul bent forward and forced his butt in the air in a vain attempt to relieve the intense pressure scrambling his asshole. This was his signal to stop moving. As he writhed and trembled,sissy somewhere deep in his conciousness he heard a eardrive past right in front of him and then as soon as it was gone, so was the vibrating. Time to go again. How had Rita referred to it? Buttplug Frogger? The fullness of the plug remained but with the earth-shattering juddering paused for the time being, Paul forced himself onward with renewed determination. His heart was pounding in his chest and he could feel sweat running down the inside of his fur coat.
 Nearly there! ‘ he heard Rita call from somewhere in the distance. He did” sound ‘nearly there’… The powerful quivering returned almost lmocling him off his feet and brought with it a new feeling…pleasure. Waves of pain and ecstasy crashed through him simultaneosly, challenging his ability to stand still and avoid becoming roadla’ll.
 He felt like he was going to come right there in the street. a pathetic little sissy all trussed up in nylon and far with a butt plug jammed up his ass. Just hold on, he told himself, a few more seconds for the car to pass… And that’s when he heard it…a sound any boy growing up in the country knows all too well. Even Paul’s panting screams were drowned out by the sound of the farm tractor slowly making its pass it front of him.

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