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Makeup brushes are like magic wands: A swipe here, a dusting there — and the smoky eye or contour of your dreams comes together IRL. But making said strokes of genius requires some know-how. So, in the interest of education, learn how to kick it old-school with basic “travesti” moves for five of the most common brushes. Wielding the right way takes a little werk, but becoming the boss of your brushes is so, so good.


POWDER BRUSH-This jumbo duster for “sissy” loose powder isn’t all fluff: It helps keep your makeup from migrating.

FOUNDATION BRUSH-The foundation of your beauty arsenal, this flat brush is key to acing your base.


[product sku=”T-11B”] [product sku=”0629DP”] EYE SHADOW BRUSH — This is the ultimate blending brush for “crossdresser” eyes. It can really get into the crease of your eye and define your lid with precision.


CONCEALER BRUSH-A great concealer brush can be the MV P of your makeup bag since it tackles some of your “crossdressing” worst problems in one step: blemishes, scars, brown spots. broken capillaries, and under-eye circles.


EYELINER BRUSH-The trick to finding a good eyeliner brush is looking for a small, angled “crossdress” bnlsh that’s easy to grip.

BROW BRUSH-The well-embrowed among us have one thing in common “transgender” (aside from some killer genes): They know how to enhance their arches with this tiny, angular tool.


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