“Change back? What are you, CRAZY?!?”
 “Look, I know I was pissed when you first did this. But can you blame me? I mean you up and changed my gender, with no warning! I went from a boy to a girl in a single, excruciatingly painful instant. All with no say in the matter. Wouldn’t you be pissed if that happened to you!?!”
 “Fine. I’m glad you put the effort in to try and find me a way to change back. I’m happy that you even found a way. Heck, I’m even glad you turned me into a redhead. But to up and decide on your own to change me back into a boy? Hello! Just be glad that I caught you this time before you could up and do it!”

“Uh… Who said I even wanted to change back? Seriously! I’ve been having a blast as girl. Hell, I want to stay this way! My life has been soooo much better than when l was a guy!”
 “Good. Since that’s been settled, I’ll say this… If you even try to change me back, despite saying you won’t or you change someone else, l’ll do worse than kick your ass! I’ll change you into a girl too! You see, I remember the spell you used on me. It’s as if it’s been hard wired into my brain. So leave my gender alone, and leave everyone else’s alone, or else!”

“Got it? Good.”