OK Jody, I did everything you asked me to, with one exception I’m completely a woman, and I wasted a tonne of my own money on getting dressed like this. What with the trip to the salon for makeup and hair extensions, designer dress and shoes. Not to mention the padding on my chest and ass. Did you see how many heads I turned on my walk back here.
 So I did what you wanted. Please don’t tell mum I threw a huge party while she was on that work trip.‘ Hahaha awwww Kevin, you did all this like I asked. Of course I won’t tell
 mum.‘ Phew that’s such a relief.’

To be honest I’d rather show mum the fruits of my labour, look there she is pulling up now. I can’t wait for her to see her new daughter Kerry. Enjoy your new life of dresses, bras and
 bovs sis!‘