Like what you see?
 Why thank you! I do consider it some of my best work.
 No, I’m not the photographer. Or the girl. I’m the boots!

Yeah. I’m a pair of magical, sentient footwear. Deal with it. Besides, I did say
 Magical’. That means I can change to look like anything that you’d wear on your
 feet. That is if I want to look like it. But that’s not all!

You see, I can change other things too. Or to be more specific, I can change
 people. And when they’re asleep, like this girl technically is, I can control them
 too. For example, this girl is really a guy. In fact I pretty much only change guys
 into girls. All they have to do is wear me once, even if I crossdressing look like a pair of guys
 shoes at the time, and then… BAM! I can jump onto their feet whenever and
 wherever I want. And then we both change and we go out to have some fun!
 Of course some times it feels like the new girl may be kind of awake. Like they
 know what’s going on. Usually when that happens, they remember it as if it’s a
 dream. And then, in very rare cases, if I feel they’re enjoying it a bit too much I
 change them and leave them as a girl before vanishing from their life forever.
 In this case, I think I might have to do that too. Which is a shame. I mean we…
 I’ve been having fun with this girl. But don’t feel mad at me, or sad for her. The
 way she is, and what she wants… Well, I think she’ll consider this a wish come