Throughout my life, I’ve always been successful. I graduated from Harvard at 20 years old and was immediately hired by a high end business corporation. It was just my luck that the CEO was an elderly man who was on his way to retiring. The owner of the company, who was very active with his business, needed to find a new one. Out of the blue, i was called in to the office. After the boss explained that he needed a guy to take over that had determination and guts, he told me that the company was moving forward with me as the CEO. It was totally unexpected and there I was, 29 years old and in charge of a multi million dollar business. I continued to push my company to new heights , and after a year of hard work, I earned a company paid vacation to anywhere I chose. I chose to go to Hawaii, but before I went to leave, a business associate of mine told me about a way to make my vacation more unique and interesting.

 My associate told me about a body lending company that guaranteed a fun time away from the troubles of one’s normal life. I laughed as I did not believe this to be a real thing, but he gave me the address and told me to check it out. I figured, what the heck, and went to the place in the address only t find out that it was actually real. The place actually lent bodies out through very modern body swap technology. I went to the desk and told them I was looking for a muscular body, as I figured this was the perfect way to be more appealing to girls while getting a unique experience. I found that not only did they not have what I requested, but that all their male bodies were being rented and they only had female bodies crossdress. They offered me a discount to try it out, since they didn’t have what I wanted, and I accepted. I figured it could be fun living as a girl for a couple weeks. I chose a 24 year old petite asian woman’s body since I didn’t want the hassle of having large breasts. I stepped into the machine and after a series of swirling lights, I found myself in the body I picked out. It was weird being a whole head smaller at five foot as well as having a chick’s voice, but I was stoked to get to my vacation. I booked a trip to Hawaii with the passports I was given with the body and started my two weeks off. I immediately body a little white bikini and went to the beach to relax. It was fun getting hit on by guys that knew nothing about who I really was. I would tease them only to turn them down lol. I was almost sad to end the vacation, but knew I had to get to my old life. However just when I was about to leave hawaii I received a call on my cell.


  • Semi Mask Caroline are designed for the Transgendered, they are made of a soft
     flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female
  • Female mask are very soft, strong and elastic, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing.

Body Lenders called me up and told me that there had been an problem with my body. I had accidentally been lent out and the person who had borrowed my body was killed in a fire while using it. They gave me the option of keeping the body I had borrowed or taking the body of the man who had died in mine after telling me that this man was terribly overweight. I had no choice, but to keep my current body and stay the rest of my days as a woman. Naturally I was given hell by my friends and the people I worked with. My dad even teased me, telling me that my mom finally got the daughter she wanted though they didn’t expect it would be me and I’d be asian transgender. After a while I came to terms with my new life and got a new legal identity. I had to because, after all, I still was the CEO of a company.