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Ben stood on the frat house porch as the boy looked him up and down thoughtfully. He was busted for sure…if not. what the hell was this guy waiting for?! He tried to act relaxed but the towering heels made it next to impossible to adopt any pose that made him look remotely comfortable. It was a blistering hot day and Ben was aware of beads of sweat beginning to form at the nape of his neck and above his makeup caked face. He couldn’t decide which would be more disasterous: runny makeup or sweat stains on his tight red dress. To his left. his bestfriend. Sharon. stood confidently. beaming in her short white minidress…why was she so sure that they were going to let them into the frat party?

The annual summer blowoff party was legendary. Simply put, it was the biggest and most exclusive social event of the year and was always the talk of the town for months afterwards. It got local press coverage and it was rumored that celebrities would even show up unannounced. For Ben. however. it was just another party to which he wasn’t invited. He rued daily his decision not to join a frat. but today was the first time he had rued it wearing pretty pink silk underwear to give the correct panty line under a skintight dress. It had been Sharon’s idea, it was well known that non-frat members had zero chance of getting into the party but hot girls would be rountinely let in to join in on the fun.

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He had hated the idea of humiliating himself like this but he had to admit that, with his smaller stature and Sharon’s status as a Fashion major. it was doable. If he could get away with it. there was no way he was passing up a chance like this and he reluctantly submitted to let Sharon give it her best shot. Waxing and scraping and painting and combing, she had taken great pleasure in transforming every inch of Ben ‘s image until he was totally unrecogn is able. She had laughed so hard when he pouted and asked why the padded bra gave him so little cleavage.
 before squeezing her own ample bosom and explaining that no one was going to be looking at ‘his tits’. Her laugh became uncontrollable as she watched him scream in protest at the waxing stage of the makeover.

Now on the porch. Ben desperately tried to will himself to keep his hands off of his painful but glowing legs as the guy at the door appeared to be seeking a second opinion on whether he should let them in.

Find out if they are lesbians! ‘ a voice called from inside the house. Ben glanced sideways at the gorgeous form of his best friend. He had harbored feelings for her for a long time and now seeing her standing there in the white mini dress with just the perfect amount of brapeaking out, he saw his chance to not only acton them but to also get a littler evenge on the girl who had feminised him. Slowly but deliberately. he put his manicured hand on her cheek and pulled her lips onto his. sliding in just a little tongue. He almost lost his balance as he heard her give a soft moan of surprise. ‘Excellent.’ ‘ grinned the other frat boy as he came to the door. ‘you can come in…but we will be expecting a bit more of a show later.” He high-fived his buddy as Ben grabbed Sharon’s hand and led her into the throngs
 of ”mom.

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