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Alex I need your help” Kara asked ”What is it sis” Alex said. ”Well you know that you owe me, after saving your butt from getting in trouble with mom and dad after that party you ran” Kara said. ”Yeah” Alex said in a questionable tone. ”Well I have to go to a party at Mary’s house, but I have a date with Steve. I really want to go to Mary/(’5 part but Steve is a nice guy and I don’t want to brea his heart.

So I need to turn you into me so I can be in two places at once,” Kara explained. ”You want me to go out on a date with a guy as you, sorry but I can’t” Alex said. ”But you owe me’ Kara begged. ”Fine but how are you going to do it?” Alex asked. ike this” Kara said back, then blew pink dust at Alex. After that moment Alex felt sharp pain all over his body. Ha shrank down a couple of inches, and then his body reshape to more of a female figure. The long blonde hair grew out of his head and his eyes widen, cheek bones were raised up Alex’s lips were p umper then every and soon Alex had the face of his sister. Then two DD cup breast sprouted out of Alex chest, and fat had been added to his but, hilps, and thighs. Alex penis started to wiggle, but after eac wiggle it gets smaller and smaller until it was nothing but a vagina. Finally her shirt and pants change into a black dress, that revea 5 her boobs out to the open, and her sneakers into black high heels. Alex had turn into a clone of his sister. Now sit down and let me do your makeup” Kara ordered.

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