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Jasmine trembled in her tall black boots. Since back when she was a he, she had enjoyed cosplay very much. Jackson had gone as Natsu Dragneel, The Flash, and many other heroic figures. However, after her transformation, she couldn’t work up the courage to try it out again….

That was until her friends told her they were going to Anime Con in Boston. They had planned to do a 082 cosplay group. Abby was a genderbent Vegeta, Sean was Trunks, Patrick was Piccolo, Cam was Goku, and Liwie was Bulma. They still needed an Android 18 however….. Jasmine was dreading the day of the convention, but once she got there, things began to look up for her. Everyone she met was complimenting her costume, and she even got to meet Hiro Mashima, one of her personal heroes.

They all had a good time there, leaving with tons of photos and new memories made. By the end of the day, Jasmine couldn‘t help but smile. She was happy her friends had convinced her to go, or else she would’ve never experienced such a good time….

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