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Having taken the attitute that blissful ignorance would be better than the torment of twenty girls emasculating him at a party, Felix agreed to let his sister issue the trigger word and he awoke the next morning in a pink babydoll and frilly pink panties, his hair in tight pigtails. It seemed Tori had known where the handcuff keys were all along… He quickly changed into the most masculine clothes in his wardrobe, pulling a pair of baggy jeans over his smooth waxed legs and combining it with an old Metallica t-shirt, using a sharpee to cover his pink nails. With his now long blonde hair, he just about pulled ofi a grungy rock look.

Deciding that the safest course of action was to stay well away from his sister, Felix arranged to see a girl he’d been flirting with recently, at the local shopping malL If hitting on a girl he liked couldn’t get his testosterone going again, nothing could. He arrived around an hour before his scheduled meet up with Jenna and so decided to grab a slice of pizza and check out the latest dvds. Off he wandered towards the food court…


Felix was jolted back to reality by the movement of the escalator, losing his balance and landing hard on his ass. His attempt to stand back up was quickly thwarted by the towering platform heels attached to his feet. Oh no?! How on Earth had Tori got to him?! Feeling horribly exposed in the tight mini dress, he frantically looked around for his real clothes finding only a large leather handbag. Opening the clasp, he found it to be full of receipts; from Forever 21 for the dress and heels, from a beauty salon for a facial and makeup, and from Victoria’s Secret. Given that he had no shopping bags. he could only assume where ‘his’ new underwear was. Feeling as urge of panic starting to build, he looked deeper into the bag for a clue to where his clothes were until, finally. he spotted a small ‘thank you for your donation’ card from a clothes bank. In one corner was written ‘call me’ above the name ‘Daniel’ and a string of numbers. Great…

As he reached the top of the moving staircase, he noticed his date. Jenna. standing and waiting for him. There was a hint of recognition as she watched the blonde in the slutty dress and heels get off the escalator and so Felix made a hasty exit as he tried to prepare himself mentally for the humiliation of stumbling home in his feminised state. lt dawned on him that he may have avoided lenna. but he was still deep within his sister’s grip.