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I was falling for my worst enemy. I’d have thought the transformation into a woman would have
 been the strangest thing that ever happened to me. But sitting across from him at our private
 dining table, laughing at his jokes, and staring into his baby blue eyes, all that bottled hatred
 of the years was slowly flowing away. I couldn’t help but just feel he was so sweet and so
 hardworking and so perfect. When he asked to see me again Ijumped at the chance, even
 though the evening was far from over.

We had a few drinks together, drawing our bodies closer and closer in the deafening cacopho-
 ny of the nightclub. We laughed and snorted and giggled in the limo on our way back to his
 place. We kissed and touched and connected in his cavernous mansion. I gasped and moaned
 and tensed as we made love. Again and again and again. By morning we’d promised to spend
 the next day together, and then the next and the next. Days turned to weeks. He managed to
 swing me a job as a ring girl, one of the models who cheers the fighters. He’d kiss me so lov-
 ingly before each round. He won them all. He won me.

Weeks turned to months. We moved in together, he bought me anything I could have ever
 wanted. He saw to it that I wanted for nothing, and we spent our days laughing and loving to-
 gether. I’d never been so perfectly content in all my life. He found me familiar, but never once
 clocked l was the person he’d treated so awfully in our youth. He spoke about me though, the
 real me, when we were alone once. About how he regretted his anger as a kid, his hatred, his
 inadequacy. It was then I realised just how similar we were. I told him to stop worrying. Wher-
 ever the kid he’d bullied was, I was sure that he didn’t mind any more.

And I didn’t.

We married a year to the day after our meeting. My dad walked me down the aisle, proud as
 punch of his beautiful daughter in her white wedding dress. My husband stood so tall and so
 strong and so perfect, and the kiss we shared endured a lifetime. We moved around the globe
 for our honeymoon, never staying anywhere a moment longer than we wanted.

And then we settled down. I wanted to give something back to him. I gave him two children. A
 boy first, then a girl second. He loved me through the pregnancy, he shared the labours, and
 he shared the responsibility. I thanked god every day for bringing him to me, and I to him. He
 saved me from my old life, he saved me from what I’d been. And I loved him for it. I loved
 him so hard.

The greatest gift we shared however was our promise. We would spend our lives together, one
 soul shared between two bodies. It was all we’d ever been, two sides of the same coin. Such a
 beautiful thought, lying in bed together knowing we were the same. Our hands intertwined. Our
 hearts beating as one.

When I was a kid I’d never known I would grow up to love someone. I’d never known I would
 find my soulmate. I would never know that hate would be such an easy thing to defeat, or that
 love would be so perfectly possible to drown yourself in.

I love him.

I love my worst enemy.

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