Ben was not happy about moving house, apecially once he found out where he was moving to, he was furious.
 “What do you mean we’re moving into the comtryside?!

“It’s for the best, we wanted you to have a little culture.”

“But where will I go to school?”

“You’ll be home-schooled.” Ben looked at his mother furiously-

“Will we have power?”


“What?!” Ben started to storm off “There’s no way you’re
 making me go.”

Well whatever Ben might have saicL he found himself
 outside a new house a month later. He’d tried and tried to get
 his mother to change her mind. But to no avail, there was no
 way he could convince his mother otherwise. He looked at
 his new house, it was yellow with black stripes across it. He
 thought it looked medieval, but his mother just said it was
 ‘cultural’. He’d arrived early in the morning, so he put his
 sutfi‘away and found he had nothing to do. He asked his
 mother about it and she said:

“Read a book or build a hut maybe.” was her only advice to
 him He decided to go take anap.

she slep the dreamt of many things that he had never
 thought of before, like medieval custom how to properly
 present himself as a young medieval woman and strict
 obedience to his parents. Ben woke up and felt strange, his
 body was still under the covers of his bed. He looked out his
 window and it seemed like the sun hadn’t changed position
 at all when he’d been asleep. He pulled off the covers of his
 bed and what he saw shocked him He saw he had an aked
 girl’s body he then quickly looked in the mirror and saw that
 he was a young woman. She heard a call from a woman who
 she identified as her mother.