Alex felt strange when he woke up. He looked around and didn‘t reconize where he was. He started to get up, then laid back down as a strange feeling pulsated through out him. He looked at his feet and noticed there were white panties around his ancles. He suddenly freaked out. “what happened” he thought.

He tore off the covers to see a bra that was certainly not empty. He looked at himself and saw his penis was gone and there was a vigina in it’s place. He pulled up the panties and ran to a mirror. He saw a butiful women with a sexy body stairing at him. He smiled and reached into his pants and felt his newly formed crotch. Then he reached up and was about to take off the bra when he relized something. The last thing he did was sleep with his girlfriend and had tried to wear her clothes. He turned around suddenly to see his girlfriend, Elise stairing at him smiling. “What did you do to me?” Alex asked. She replied “Well you see i didn‘t like the idea of sleeping with a boy so well, made you a girl while you were wearing my panties.” Alex was
 examining himself and then said, “Why?” he asked knowing it was not just what she had said. “Remember again how last night you said it was ‘easy’ to be a woman and men had it hard?” se asked. yes” he replied, “but, why this?” Elise then said, “Cmon, we‘re going shopping. Oh and you will only be stuck like this for… hmm 1–2 years, so you can learn your lesson, Alexis.


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