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Code Complete Review: Intro to the Series

Welcome to the introduction to my Code Complete Review series. This post will provide a brief overview of my intentions with this series, and lay out what to expect (and not expect) from it. I kindly ask that you please read through this post before starting the series. Thanks!

I have heard and read so many positive things about Steve McConnell’s influential book Code Complete that I decided to do a little more than just read it for myself. My goal is to take my time digesting the content covered in (the 2nd edition of) the book. I will write detailed notes for myself as if I were taking a university course with Code Complete as the textbook, and then summarize that info into (what I hope to be) an easily digestible, quick-review, format. In grade school terms, you can think of it like a mini book report on each chapter.

To elaborate, once I finish this process of working through the book, I plan to have a series of short documents highlighting the important aspects of each section of the book that I will then format into blog posts. My hope is that this process will not only help me better retain the content, but also provide me with a resource I can quickly reference in the future. By sharing these summaries with others, I also hope it will be equally beneficial to those of you who have already read the book and are looking for a refresher on some of the content. Additionally, for any of you who have not yet read the book, may it be a helpful introduction

If you find the content in this series even mildly interesting, do yourself a favor and buy a copy of Code Complete. I highly doubt you will regret it!

As mentioned, considering that my hope is to provide an overview-level summary of the core content, these posts are absolutely no substitute for reading the text yourself. At the time of writing this intro, I’ve already worked through the first few sections of the book. Already, I can definitively say it would be a near-impossible task to attempt to convey, in blog format, every important detail McConnell covers in the text, not to mention an act of futility considering how excellent of a resource the book itself already is.

Finally, I just want to underscore that the ideas and concepts I wish to convey are 100% attributable to Steve McConnell. I am in no way claiming that these are my ideas. Unless otherwise noted, any quotes that show up in these posts are quotes from the text. Although I will do my best to try to accurately summarize the gist of the content, please forgive any mistakes and/or misunderstandings on my part.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this introduction. I plan to regularly post content as I work through the book myself. I hope you find it helpful and informative, and that it serves as motivation to dig in deeper and (if you haven’t already) buy yourself a copy of Code Complete.

Get started now!

Likely the easiest place to follow along with this review series is on Another Coder Blog, where you can quickly see what has been released thus far. But I also intend to cross-post it all on Medium as well in case you prefer this… medium (sorry, had to :). I will update this post with links to each one as they are released.