And what we can do to love them more.

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America’s most-hated vegetable?

The most disliked vegetable in the U.K.?

When I saw these headlines, I had to read more. We’ve all seen the news about trending plant-based diets and how important it is to eat more vegetables — why would anyone not love them?

I admit I’m biased. As a former organic vegetable farmer, I love veggies in all their nutritious glory. Learning about all the varieties, how to grow them, and, most importantly, how to prepare them so more people will want to enjoy their delectable goodness.

So, back to the story. Here’s the scoop on the most unpopular vegetables in the U.S., listed from the most-hated lowly turnip, with a 27% yuck rating! …


Cindy Heath

Nature and learning inspire me. People and writing make me happy. Follow me at: https://medium.com/@crossroadschronicles.

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