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Recently, I got asked the question: “why can’t I just get a graphic designer? Why do I need a UX Designer?”

Unfortunately, User Experience design as a role is still not a common thing across companies. Some still prefer to hire a graphic designer and expect them to excel at everything, including, as an example, nailing making the project accessible to everyone.

So, what is User Experience design? More commonly known as UX Design?

Don Norman is referenced as one of the “fathers” of user experience.

User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

The definition does not refer to a “technology” designer…

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My New Logo And Brand

9 years ago, I jumped into the workforce (while still studying) in the middle east. It’s 2018, and it’s time to usher a new brand. User Experience Designer.

After starting as what’s now known as a Full Stack Developer, and realizing it’s not my thing, and after having clients in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE and now Canada and USA, it’s time to fully dedicate my career to create a full experience for the user. Online and Offline.

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A couple of days ago, i had the weirdest twitter interaction that got me thinking: We, especially as designers, can easily get stuck in our own beliefs and become very defensive when someone says: What if!

You can follow that tweet to check the whole conversation!

Someone was “Feeling Strange” that google hasn’t yet updated “Inbox” to support the #iPhoneX and got seriously “offended” when i joined the conversation with that.

It got me thinking…

Should we, as people working in the digital industry in general, invest time and money to support what’s new and shiny? …

Last Saturday, i finally got to watch Black Panther. Blame @dannyseesit for that!

As usual, here’s a quick (spoilers free) review of the movie!

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The most iconic GIF of this movie!

Wakanda Forever!

You don’t need me to say that, but Ryan Coogler, the film’s director, did amazing in being authentic to the African roots and heritage while imagining a modern and developed continent. Just notice the difference between African and “Wakanda” in the movie!

I get that as a tv station, they need the CLICKS. And online editorial websites were the inventors of clickbait!

That doesn’t mean that you should rush in redesigning your website and rebrand it as a fully editorial website while burying your main “product”: The shows that air on your channel.

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Landing Page

When you land on the website, you’re easily blinded by the content overload without any UI element or white space that separates the content. White space helps the content breathe and the eye to focus on what’s “important”.

Mistake 1: The #UX designer either made a bad decision or…

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Are you hungry? Not yet? How about if i told you that after living for more than 2 years, i finally found something that’s actually “authentic” and not just claiming to be?

In case you don’t know, Manoush’eh ( منقوشه) is what 99.5% of Lebanon have for breakfast! For your own sake, let’s call it: The Lebanese Pizza.

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Back in the days, when Marvel Studios announced an InHumans movie, i was actually excited! We’re finally getting some live action “people with actual powers” movie from the creators of the best super heroes movie universe in the business.

Suddenly, after the deal with Sony, that movie was “postponed” then shelved altogether.

Last year, ABC surprised us with a special InHumans mini series announcement coming in Fall 2017. I was excited again! Too bad for me, i was a fool after spending almost 7 painful hours watching this 8 episodes mini series.

What went wrong?

Short answer: Many many things!

For a start, the running time

What took 8…

Cyril Rouhana

I design experiences. Senior UI/UX Designer.

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