There are a few good points you made in your article, although I have a few thoughts on your…
Alex Márton

First of all, thanks to an amazing (and detailed) feedback.

I might have skipped some details regarding my experience on macOS software (Framer, Sketch, etc.) and that’s on me.

Giving slightly more details:

  • I love Framer. I might buy an Apple device just because of Framer. But the sad truth is the preconceived idea that if you’re a designer, you should be a fan of Apple. I’m not.
  • Regarding Sketch, if you remove all the plugins, it’s a very basic app. So comparing Sketch + Plugins to Adobe XD Beta isn’t really fair.
  • Axure RP is very “niche” with the set of features it provides. Unless you really need to present an interactive html based wireframe or prototype, you don’t need it.
  • Invision is awesome. But it doesn’t integrate as “it should” with Photoshop (on windows) and Sketch (on macOS). It’s still a third party with some quirks. Plus, for smaller teams or freelancer, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an additional platform and worrying about the compatibility.
  • Adobe XD: The missing features list is HUGE. I would love to have layouts and responsive grids/art-boards, but the fact is that cross platform development needs time (not defending Adobe).
  • I honestly don’t see the purpose of having to pay for a third party to do a prototype when I can do it in the same app/web app.

Having said that, I have to reiterate that I’m not affiliated with Adobe or got paid from them for that post. It’s just my own observation and experience jumping from Photoshop (on Windows) to Sketch (on Mac) then to Photoshop/Marvel/InVision/Axure (on windows) and finally XD (on Windows).

By the way, I loved your feedback ❤

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