The Phone Call Challenge: The antidote to a disconnected world

No one makes phone calls anymore. Blame telephonophobia. Blame endless texts, snaps, ‘grams, and tweets. Or blame the Millennials. (It’s fun to blame them for everything, right?)

I humbly believe that through the simple act of making a phone call, you (yes, YOU) can change the world. Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge. This is the Phone Call Challenge.

I challenge you to make a phone call. It’s time to go analog in our digital world.

Here’s how to participate:

1.) Look through your phone contacts and identify someone with whom you’ve fallen out of touch. It can be a family member, a work colleague, a friend from school, or just about anyone.

2.) Think about a fond memory of that person.

3.) Call that person. Chances are they will assume it is a mistake or a butt dial, and you will get their voicemail. Leave a message. Say what feels right; it’s been too long, you want to catch up, you thought of a shared a memory. You can even say you are doing the Phone Call Challenge. It can be a quick 10 minute chat or an in-depth download. If they don’t call back, try another friend.

4.) When they call back, even if it’s inconvenient, pick up. Ask them how they’ve been, share your fond memory. Extra points if you want to share the impact they had on your life. This is the magic moment. You will literally hear the other person gasp. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Be true in the memory and sentiments you share.

5.) Before hanging up, challenge them to do The Phone Call Challenge. Tell them to pay it forward and don’t break the chain. Send them this article if you don’t care to explain it.

6.) Bask in warm, happy, good feels for the rest of the day.

The inspiration

Thank you to my friend and ex-Google colleague whose phone call was the catalyst for the Phone Call Challenge. I assumed his call was a mistake (or a butt dial). I’m so glad I called him back to catch up, and to inspire this challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Start dialing.