Scrutinize your scam mails carefully from gmail customer tech support

What scam mail is?

Scam or spam mails are generally unwanted emails that appear in the email as a part of promotion or a revenge basis. From this statement you can well realize that scam mails are unwanted emails. Usually for attracting or linking a link with the customers they usually linked the name of females, if the receivers name had a resemblance to male. The same reverse will happen if it is a female account. Hackers/ scammers had only one intention to pull up the confidential data’s. Over many years they are practicing these anti-social activities. Still the authorities are completely not successful to terminate these state sponsored attacks. Such suspicious occasions, feel free to call the Gmail customer care support.

In fewer times, while accessing into the account you may face some simple verification steps like Captcha verification, mobile number verification etc. Be alert in these situations, if you are succeed to access into the email, check the last account log-in activity in Gmail. It is shown in your bottom of the account page itself. From that you can get the details like account log-in activity, its time and date, ip address etc. If that found suspicious then transfer the case to technical support of Gmail. We heard that some users are saying that “Our Gmail mail didn’t contain any confidential data’s”. Partially we are also agreeing that statement, but we are sure that each mail contains various contacts. If a hacker steals your contacts means what should do? The aftereffect of spamming is high. Beware of such fraudulent activities.

How to find out whether a mail is spam or not?

1) Don’t click on the spam mails, most importantly never download any attachment enclosed in the email, if it is necessary scan the document before saving it to the computer.

2) Check out the content. Its subject title is usually eye catching (for instance, Congratulations you receive hundred dollars). They offer you money without any effort.

3) Check once the sender details, if the sender is an anonymous don’t replay to that mail and move it to the spam folder. There after all the emails from the same sender will auto-move to the spam folder.

4) You can find out the spelling mistake in such mails. Contact Gmail technical support for more assistance.

5) Never send your personal details to the email id. We notice that recently there are many spam emails asking the customers contact details. Don’t send your personal details to the fake senders

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