Wallet update 1.2

Hello guys,

after a long work we have the new wallet update.

The Release date is

Tuesday 12th at 12 pm London time

…its 12.00 in the global time format

Those are the introduced changes:

  • The target time is 7 days instead of 1 h to reduce the effect of highs and deeps in difficulty over a short period of time
  • The Halving has not been touched and will happend in the end of november 2018
  • The new rewards 30% for miners 40 % for masternodes 30% for the development
  • The collateral has been in creased from 1000 CRC to 1500 CRC

The wallet will be available at our GitHub folder


Many words and time has been spent on this update and a lot of efford, at the same time we will share the new script that will make our install super quick and easy, I have personally spent tens and tens of hours on the linux vps script to make it as easy as possible.

This is the folder we are working onto and will release the scripts for the easy install

Another change has been made is the transfer of the explorer, we have moved and upgraded the service so now its in

Thank you for you attention,

LP- founder of Crowdcoin