Now That’s What We’re Talking About!

Wall Street Journal, July 08, 2015

Every day, more and more trades, industries, and companies are beginning to act more and more responsibly. Safety. Fair pay. Transparency. Ethicality. What started in the coffee trade in 1998, is now being adopted more widely: apparel, bedding, rugs, organics. The list is growing.

Should The “Crowdsourcing Trade” Be Any Different?

It should not. In which ever form it takes. From Uber to AirBnb. From Homejoy to Taskrabbit. From Fiverr to 99 Designs. From Mechanical Turk to Clickworker. From Zooppa to Boom Ideanet. And a growing list of others.

In fact, we make the case that these new world work platforms represent a unique opportunity to champion fair work practices.

Promoting what might be thought of as “fair trade” behaviors is the core argument of this Medium channel. Check out an early entry for 7 habits of ethical crowdsourcing.

It is affirming to see these kinds of stories have become newsworthy. It’s even more affirming to see that consumers are sensitive to these matters, going so far as to demand that every stage in the supply-chain and every participant in that chain behave fairly and be treated fairly. Crowdsourcing will be sustainable when the consumers are willing to pay a fair price so that crowd workers can be compensated equitably — not just the platform host.

Hear, Hear.

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