Our beloved chocolate is in danger…support Chocothon to save it!

I’m over the moon to announce that this week we’re launching Chocothon, a great initiative initiated by Google Food Team, the International Trade Centre (ITC) with knowledge support from Business School Lausanne (BSL) and the Future Food Institute (FFI) to create a shared value platform for sustainable Ghanaian cocoa production.

The chocolate is at the verge of extinction, the farming practices of cocoa are not sustainable, and sufficient incentives for farmers to continue supplying the raw ingredient do not exist. Thus if we don’t act we won’t be able to enjoy our beloved chocolate any more.

The team behind the Chocothon initiative understands that cocoa is a commodity that presents a range of significant environmental, social and sustainability challenges that could ultimately lead to the disruption of the global supply of chocolate. However, no one company, and indeed, no one stakeholder linked to the cocoa industry can solve these issues on their own.

When the Chocothon team approached us to help them raise funds and awareness for bringing this project to life we quickly understood that crowdfunding could make a big difference in creating engagement for a different set of stakeholders in and outside the cocoa industry.

The first mission of the initiative kicks off in January 2017 with a series of events that aim to empower and connect Ghanaian cocoa farmers, assure sustainable supply, and create new opportunities. The mission aims to empower cocoa farmers and other stakeholders in cocoa production while reducing the risks to supplies of the western world’s favourite treat.

To make this a reality we need everyone’s help and support, so join Chocothon’s campaign today and spread the word with all your chocolate lovers’ friends.