Confused by crypto? Baffled by blockchain? Then read part one of Blockchain Jargon Buster — our new series which aims to explain, in simple terms, the technical terminology and street slang used in the crypto industry.

An Initial Coin Offering is an unregulated process by which funds are raised for a new crypto venture via the issue of a cryptographic token. Because this form of fundraising is (largely) unregulated it has a number of advantages for issuing companies, especially in terms of reduced time and costs.

The first ICO was completed in early 2013 by asset platform Mastercoin (now known…

A number of our Crowd for Angels members have visited and expressed an interest in the Populous Bond that is currently listed on the Crowd for Angels platform, offering 6% interest per annum, with a 3 year term (

Image shows the Populous Pitch hosted on Crowd for Angels
Image shows the Populous Pitch hosted on Crowd for Angels

However, there have been a number of queries relating to this innovative company and the underlying security offered. In this article, we will look into the details of the bond, answer some of the queries asked and hopefully give you a better understanding of “Digitalised Asset backed Crowd Bond”.

What is a Digitalised Asset?

In the simplest terms, a digitalised asset…

Clocks showing global time

By Andrew Adcock, CEO, Crowd For Angels

In 2018, many publications mooted that ‘this was the year of the STO’. Yet for all that hype, you would be right in wondering what had actually been delivered. Unlike the ICO boom of late 2017, we did not see the flood gates open and funds pour in to projects that promised fields of greener grass, nor the epic stats promised on demand and growth. Instead, the market woke up to a realisation that in some ways maturity was coming, with companies looking to STOs instead of the more controversial ICO route.


In mid 2018, we released a blog for our community on the dangers of cyber attacks and what to watch out for, when transacting online and participating in blockchain projects. Whilst the original article was targeted at our members, the lessons the blog communicated have value for all. When we come across new examples, we will post them here.

Remember If you are ever in doubt who you are talking to online, stop, consider the transaction and reach out to a friend.

Let’s get started

Cloned Accounts:

In the two images below we have a FAKE account on the left-hand side and…

Just 2 months ago, the House of Commons Treasury Committee published a report titled “Cryptoassets with one of the key focuses included evaluating the regulatory response to digital currencies from the Government, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Bank of England, and how regulation could be balanced to provide adequate protection for consumers and businesses without stifling innovation. We have listed below some insightful findings on the market and the regulatory scenario : Overall Market Capitalization Still Small The market capitalisation of crypto-assets remains small in spite of the rise in their value since early 2017. The market capitalization…

The UK Cryptoasset Market — Key Takeaways

Last week, the Cryptoassets Taskforce report was laid out with a view on the UK’s policy and regulatory approach to cryptoassets and distributed ledger technology in financial services.

It provides an overview of cryptoassets and DLT, assesses the associated risks and potential benefits, and sets out the path forward with respect to regulation in the UK.

We have summarised some key takeaways about the UK cryptoasset market, in numbers. Interestingly enough, the UK is not one of the leading markets for cryptoasset trading globally.

The Challenge of Mass Adoption Prevails: According to the Bank of England, there are not many…

Tokenized Assets and Security Token Offerings are vouching to spark adoption and legitimize the space

Many Initial Coin Offerings have failed mainly due to bad execution, lack of transparency and accountability.

Data clearly indicates a continued slowdown in the total capital raised by ICOs. This slump is supported by the decreasing number of completed ICOs on a monthly basis. Only 17 ICOs successfully completed their fundraise by the end of August 2018.

It is true that assessing the strength of the code could be a difficult task. We must, therefore, rely on what we can, a reasonable level of technical understanding. In any case, we must make sure that the code is public, and see if a trusted third party has audited and validated the code (which does not always prevent, that said, some hiccups). Without going so far as to study the code in detail, which is not within reach of all, it is at least essential to go and look at the white paper published by the project team. The…

It has become extremely difficult for most companies to hold a successful ICO without a good whitepaper - One that explains the project scope in detail.

The public does not always have access to the founders. They also might not have access to any webinars or conferences being held. Here comes the whitepaper — something that everyone can find and read. Serious investors won’t invest in a project that lacks information on the technology. That same concept applies in presenting the experience of the founders and developers.

A badly written whitepaper, or lack of a whitepaper altogether, will assuredly be…

The year of 2017 saw a massive rise in the amount raised through ICOs (Initial Coin offerings). About $5.6 billion was raised in the whole of 2017 according to reports by Fabric Ventures and TokenData. A joint report from consulting firm PwC and the Swiss Crypto Valley Association shows that between January and May 2018 alone, in total, 537 ICOs with a total volume of more than $13.7 billion has been raised., the average size of an ICO has almost doubled from $12.8 million to over $25.5 million since last year. The average investor got 82% return by investing in…

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