Federal unemployment checks of $600 are coming to an end. New shutdowns close recently re-opened businesses and there’s talk that we may have to live with coronavirus for years.

Are you a business owner that fell under the quarantine hammer or unemployed for months with the money running out and no new job in sight?

Crowdfund Buzz is here to help. Crowdfunding is the key.

Coronavirus triggered an economic earthquake with a 9+ magnitude on The Richter Scale because of the extended quarantine. With business travel probably gone forever, airlines are facing a frightening new normal. Heck the entire hospitality industry has been hammered beyond recognition; Thousands of bars and restaurants have already closed with many more expected to die out in the weeks ahead. Hotels are hustling to fill rooms any which way they can with Las Vegas at the epicenter of it all; 25% unemployment due to the once-mighty casinos posting combined losses into the billions with no relief or improvement in sight. …

I’m live on location writing this at “The Coffee Shop” at the Treasure Island Hotel &Casino In Las Vegas after a popup event for ChoiceTrade. Interest was tepid to say the least. Maybe if I promised to demonstrate a flying taxi or a robotic garbage can I would’ve drawn more attention to groundbreaking tech that truly changes lives; The ChoiceTrade Mobile App.

The irony in the air is particularly strong today as all of the stock markets hit fresh new highs creating more wealth for more investors than any other time in human history. …

Crowdfund Buzz is proud to say that we’ve been engaging audiences on social media since our humble origins back in October 2012. Over the years Crowdfund Buzz has always had its finger on the pulse of social media as we constantly experiment with new ways to reach more people so we can promote crowdfunding campaigns for our clients.

We were there on Google+ right up until the day the plug was pulled. …


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