Come and Co-Create with XBornID at Crowdholding

We are pleased to announce that XBornID has joined the Crowdholding platform and will launch their project page and their first task today.

There are a lot of highly creative android app developers with various categories of android apps created, but they are hard to sell to the public. The reason is because they do not have the funds to sign up in Google Play Developer (PlayStore). And another reason they face is that they do not have a Credit Card. XBornID is aiming to solve the problem, by purchasing XBornID Tokens, developers can already have apps that release in playstore with their own ads inside their app. They will be paid from ads installed in their app.

What is even more interesting about XBornID is they will not be holding an ICO, and instead they will be only bounties and airdrops that you can take part in! If you wish to find out more about their project you can click here.

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